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How to Edit Button


  • businessbloggingpros started the conversation

    The Live Composer support page sent me here. How do I edit a button.  I need to edit the text of a button to fix a typo.  I also need to examine the hyperlink associated with the button.

    1. I click on "Edit in Live Composer"

    2. I scroll down to the "Click here to book an apointment" button.

    3. Mousing over the button or the row does not give me a way to edit the button.

    NOTE: I am new to Live Composer.  I've used DIVI and Visual Composer but not Live Composer.  I went through Live Composer's Docs but found nothing about editing a button.

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    dany replied

    When you hover it there should be a blue bar at the top of the button and white icons. The first icon is the edit icon, clicking it shows the options.

    If that doesn't work out then perhaps there's some bug in there which breaks the options functionality in which case send over WP admin information and I'll give it a check.

  • businessbloggingpros replied

    Updating to the latest version of Live Composer solved the problem.

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    dany replied

    Happy to hear it's sorted out.