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I have issues with my site configuration, mobile optimization and a few tweaks


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    I love the theme and I can not wait to recommend it to my readers. 

    1. I need adjustments. On the blog section, I find the blog screen to wide and my share buttons hide most of the content, so it does not look good. 

    2. The slider area on my site does not come on. I am not able to add the large photo on my main page like it is under your theme. I might be missing something. I do not code. I was hoping it would just work once I installed. 

    3. The best news in your inbox section, the sign up area is not showing up. Not sure how people would sign up. 

    4. My site speed is so high since installing, any suggestions?

    5. The instagram section, where it says join now on your site, one mine, this does not appear. So people can not follow me. 

    Do you need access to my site?

    You can email me at 




    MY WEBSITE IT : https://www.ladiesmakemoney.com 

    You field would not accept it. 

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    I forgot to say, the mobile section looks horrible.

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    Was my site map removed as well?

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    dany replied

    Hi! Glad you like the theme

    1. Which part do you want to be narrower exactly?

    2. It is supposed to work when you install the theme, please provide me your WP admin info (make sure you mark your comment as "private") and I will take a look at it.

    3. Did you install Mailpoet or Mailchimp plugin to create your form?

    4. Do you mean that it is slow? 

    5. I will take a look with the WP admin access.

    6. What do you mean exactly by sitemap?



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    dany replied

    Thanks for the information.

    1. That really depends on the computer screen, for me since I have a big display, it doesn't go over it:

    No matter what you do to the layout, if the screen is too small it will go over the items, that's the problem with those sharing button. I can't really see a solution for this.

    2. If you go in "Appearance > Customize > Homepage Layout Options" you can set the slider to "on". Once that is done you have to give a tag of "featured" to the article you want to be there.

    3. You need to go in "Mailpoet > Forms" and create a new form. Once that is done you can add fields to it. Once you are done, click on "Form Placement" and click on "shortcodes" it will show you the whole shortcode but all you need to paste in "Appearance > Customize > Homepage Layout Options" is the ID.

    4. The site is indeed really slow. It might be a couple things like your hosting or the many plugins you have installed. The theme is coded really light and optimized to be the fastest it can be.

    5. Not sure I understand. There is no place on my Instagram that says "join now", it says "Follow Charlotte @ Instagram", is that what you mean?

    7. Can you point out the difference between Charlotte demo and your site on mobile that aren't the same? That will help me fix your mobile problems.

    Let me know if there is anything else!


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    dany replied

    I've added the text for the instagram. If you want to change it it's the "title" of the widget you need to change. 

    You can take a look at the site on mobile,  I've made some modification. Now the top header completely disappears when you scroll and I've added some spacing between the header and the first box. 

    Also, I've hidden the left sharing button on mobile since there are already sharing button at the bottom of the screen.

    The top admin bar causes some spacing problem but the user won't see those, make sure you look at the site while being logged off to see how the visitors will see it.

    Let me know if you have other mobile problems.